KP Concept

Kabacka Przystań Residence is implemented in the KPconcept standard, which guarantees the execution of OPITMUM and PRESTIGE segments in accordance with internal procedures.


Basic criteria of the KPconcept standard:
  • 300 m within the radius of the “The Las Kabacki Forest Nature Reserve”
  • Warsaw Landscape Protection Area
  • gardens in all of OPTIMUM and PRESTIGE segments
  • 50% share of biologically active area
  • maximum installation intensity index: 0.9,
  • low-rise buildings up to 12m
  • recreation area for exclusive use
  • location near to local roads with reduced traffic levels
  • two parking spaces per OPTIMUM segment
  • garage and one parking space per PRESTIGE segment
  • limitation of common areas to a square and recreation zone as well as an access road in order to reduce the costs of common property management
  • land ownership ensuring privacy and cost control
  • lighting installations on the internal road in an ecological LED system
  • intercom in GSM system