KP Service

You are our business partner and the ambassador of Kabacka Przystań Residence brand,
that is why we created dedicated KPservice care especially for our clients.

For many developers, a notarial deed of sale of an apartment is the finish of the customer service process, but not for us. You are a client of JDM Developer in the Kabacka Przystań Residence Investment at all time – before and after the purchase of real estate from the primary market.

The KPservice Program includes 5-year care of your segment in the Kabacka Przystań in Józefosław. After the reception of the apartment, we remain at your disposal regarding the use of the apartment (instructions for use of the apartment) and the guarantee. Additionally, we dedicate to all of investments the administrator of common parts, who will take over the obligation to take care of the maintenance of the common road, square, lighting and clearing snow from the street. The KPservice Program includes a whole package of administrative activities related to after-sales service, support in taking over the premises, as well as support in case of technical problems.

Specially for the clients of the Kabacka Przystań we have created the KPservice program to fill you with comfort, joy of using your apartment and complete the satisfaction of choosing a flat in the Kabacka Przystań investment.